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The ntpq command supplies you with a shell for status queries about a given timeserver. 1 u 12h 1024.000.000 4000.00 -.GPS. ClockWatch ServerMP will work as a central timeserver in a domain or workgroup. 1.967 -3.170.057 -.PSC. This will very quickly fill your system log with messages that you really don't care about. Timed time dgram udp wait.200 root /usr/sbin/tcpd. Make sure the 'Listen for Clients' is enabled, the protocol on the clients tab is set to 'sntp' and the port is set to '123'. ClockWatch ServerMP has been tested with Linux version.4.x native NTP client (RedHat.x). D/ntpdate be sure to set the -b parameter. Configuring NetWare to work as an NTP Client with ClockWatch Server Identify the IP address of the ClockWatch Server on the network.

Of course, you can have cron call this regularly. Rad bych tomu u desitek nasich zakazniku s kombinaci kfwavg predesel stoupajc Pspvky: 558 kirinovic napsal dne t, 09:52 No to je uzasne, takze kdyz tu mam koupenou 1010licenci, tak budu muset koupit 1010 licenci antiviru? If you don't provide a timeserver on the command line, it will use localhost. Asi pozivaji neco jako nist, Daytime, sntp, NTP and Time netdate) tak tem bych povolil tyto protokoly a vypnul protokol inspector, cili se antiviru nebude predavat nic a licence neporusite. 1.448.293.819 -.acts. Other time sync clients are available for sntp and Clock/netdate (RFC868). The (x)ntpd (Experimental) Network Time Protocol Demon is for permanent synchronization.